I've played some intros to some songs
1.aint talkin bout love-van halen
2.eruption-van halen
3.hey joe-jimi
4.money for nothin-dire straits
5.whole lotta love-led zeppelin


please rate it and say what you think
Okay im going to crit every one.

1) Whole Lotta Love - I liked the intro it was well done, spot on, nice tone too, however the solo could use some work, but it sounds okay.

2) Hey Joe - Sounds pretty good, with the exception of the last couple of notes, it SOUNDS like you slipped on the fretboard a bit (but that might just be me), good tone for that song, quite good.

3) Eruption - dont know what happened there some parts sound alright, but either you didnt practice this enough or the volume blew out your speakers because there's a lot of strange mess ups that I dont think can be done on a guitar...with practice though, you could have a good song on your hands there

4) Ain't Talkin' Bout Love - I think your guitar was out of tune, or you weren't playing the right notes, you have the timing right though. Not much else to say

5) Money For Nothing - Pretty good, a little less distortion might help. Stays pretty true to the original, tuning is off a tad. I like it though, the ending is cool

Over-all 7/10 for all of them together.

Crit mine?
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Aint talkin bout love- Guitar is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyy out of tune my friend. Just tune it, then try again

Whole lotta love- This is better Solo needs a wee bit of work but it still sounds cool!

Hey Joe- This is good. Nothing much to say about it that hasnt already been said above. I liked the tone in this one.

Money for nothing- Is that axe out of tune again? Otherwise theres nothing much wrong with it. Sounds pretty good

And finally eruption- This needs quite a bit of work. Practice makes perfect There is potential in it, just keep at it

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