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Well like the damn title says...what is the best music to drive too, preferably on the interstate.
anything you like...
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thrash metal. i dont know, im too young to drive.
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Something like freebird or sweet home alabama by skynyrd. Most classic rock like that is good for driving
tesla-cumin atcha' live, george thorogood-6 days on the road, deep purple-highway star, audioslave-gasoline etc etc you get the idea
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If it's at night and raining - Black Sabbath

Day, during rush hour - Cannibal Corpse, Pantera, Arch Enemy, etc.

Highway - Opeth, Arcturus, Soundgarden

Anytime - Slayer.

I spend a lot of time driving and listening to music.
My parents listen to country *throws up*, but there's one country song that goes "Driving on the interstate *other lyrics I don;t remember*", so that one might work lol.
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Metallica - Kill em' all
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AC/DC and Dragonforce

EDIT: and Metallica
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the album ESCM by BT

Ok.....not everyone has as vast a knowledge of bands/albums as you

Any Post Rock
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i cant believe no one said radar love by golden earing its like the definitve driving song
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For a short drive I like to listen to classic rock. For a long drive I like to listen to A Perfect Circle.
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any music in general is driving as long as ur paying more attention to the road, just listen to whatever you like. id try not to get something u really like though, as that often happens to me and i end up going like 10 over.
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i am the highway - audioslave
tuesdays gone - lynard skynard
rock and roll - led zeppelin
immigrant song - led zeppelin
smells like teen spirit - nirvana
lithium - nirvana
do ya - ELO
the kids arn't alright - offspring
afternoon delight - starland vocal band (fun with a few friends singin along)
give it all - rise against
backwater - meat puppets
sugar kane - sonic youth

thats just some of the stuff i have on my driving playlist. pretty broad spectrum of artists there
Kid rock sucks normally, but for the highway, ya baby. Cowboy, Jackson Mississippi, Feel Like Making Love. Nothins better. Except maybe some new metallica like load or reload. Any southern rock works too. But ya, Kid Rock's Cowboy is the all time best on the road song.
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THE STROKES collectively have the ultimate late-night drive songs. Not overly distracting but still pleasing to listen to... If you're going to be blasting metal, at least make sure your car looks somewhat appropriate. ^_^; Don't borrow your soccer mom's van and blast Megadeth, it's worse than people listening to bass-heavy rap, BLASTING in a car that looks like it will explode any second.
The entire Appitite For Destruction album. That, and any metallica.
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Radar Love - golden earring
Paranoid - Black Sabbath
Jessica - the Allman brothers (Top gear theme tune)
More than a feeling - Boston
Money - pink floyd
Badge - cream
Addicted to love - Robert Palmer
And but of course,
Songs for the deaf (album) - Queens of the stone age
Strangely enough I had already been thinking Subculture by BT.
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