i havent personally played this guitar but i was considering buying it a few months ago and a friend of mine played it at a local shop and said it was a pretty sweet sounding guitar.
It looks like a Epi Les Paul with a graphic on it. So if you have played a LP and like, you will most likely like the likes of liking this one.
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I was interested in buying one of those on ebay for a little while. I never went through with it, though, so I can't tell you how it is. It looks good. I like how it has a hemp gigbag
my friend bought one, and i made him a hemp strap, and he loves it to dead. i mean its a lp, and MARLEY?!?!?!? how could you go wrong!
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I've played one they feel small but they sound pretty good, I personally wouldn't buy it but thats just me.
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Yeah, actually, they have a very good sound, I love the rhythm pickups. Great for classic rock. I actually love playing Pink Floyd with it, sounds great. Of course playing reggae with it is also awesome. And of course, it looks awesome.