Im still in search for a guitar for get. Ive been playing about 8 months. I play everything from Led Zeppelin, to Metallica, to Joe Satriani, to Red Hot Chili Peppers. Im looking for something that will play anything, without suffering a good hard rock/metal sound. Im looking for something that comes from Ibanez, Fender, and Gibson, since those are the brands ive dont the most research on, and I own an Ibanez.

I want something with a rosewood fretboard, or some type of darker fretboard. Im not too sure about a Floyd Rose, because ive heard that its hard as hell to change strings, but ive also heard that its not that hard. I do have my Ibanez GSA for downtuning, so I may be thinking about it.

What do you guys think? Im maybe considering a Les Paul Studio, an SG, an Ibanez RG, or maybe a strat.
consider a Carvin. They will custom build anything you want. You can get a flame maple top for around 1400
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Well, I've always been partial to an Ibanez RG1570 in that price range. It has some nice shred tones, a great trem, and a really nice neck. It has 2 humbuckers and a single coil, so you should be able to get the diversity you need for all of those tones.
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^ Regardless its over 1000$ ... Wtf.... thatts 500$ over his limit. Half of what hes willing to pay added.

Id say Ibanez RG1570 or a Jackson SOLOIST, whichever the one is that has an ofr... ( not sure of price but i think its like a 1000$ my music store had one)
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Rg1570. Save all the money left to get a tube amp
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I checked out the RG1570 and it has all great reviews. For 10$ more, I can get a package from MusiciansFriend that includes a discontinued Crybaby Special Edition, good deal?
If you dont have a wah why not, you cant get a new one for $10 anywhere. Great choice on teh RG once you play the wizard neck its over. The wizard pwns u
Everyone praises this RG, why is it only $750?

It also comes with a case, which is nice.

Will this play everything? Clean and with gain?
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Everyone praises this RG, why is it only $750?

It also comes with a case, which is nice.

Will this play everything? Clean and with gain?
the same reason everyone wondered why a civic or corolla was so much better than a chevy or Ford 4cyl car 20 years ago and until this day. The Japanese pwn the world at reverse engineering a product the re-engineering it fixing all the mistakes Americans or Europeans made when they designed it, that and first class manufacturing processes.

Bottom line you get alot better product for comparable costs. Show me a Fender or Gibson made in USA or Japan that compares for $750, youhave to get Korean or Mexiacan product at that cost from LTD, Epi, Shecter etc. Jackson still uses Japanese manufacturing and are nice guitars also.
they might not have a floyd rose built in, but it does have a decent trem on it, and if you're looking for a guitar that can handle that kind of music, i'd suggest something like an MIA strat, they sell em on musicians friend for just under $1k, check this link:


for an LP, you would have been able to get an epi elitist (they're fantastic) around this time last year for something like a grand, if not less... but around now... i don't know much about LPs so i can't help you too much
i would recommend an epiphone les paul standard. les pauls are extremely versatile and can be used for almost any genre. the les paul studio isn't that much of a step up from the epi. just use the extra money to get a better amp or new pickups for the guitar. the pickups make the guitar sound like 3000 bucks.
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