Hey guys,

I decided to rewire my Yamaha EG-112 (HSS, one tone, one volume), and I got a 5 position pickup switch to replace the old scratchy original switch.

Problem is, the terminals are totally different on the original and on the new switch:
On the old switch, there are 7 terminals:
The centre terminal is for the volume, then 3 on one side of the switch are for each pickup, and the other 3 on the other side aren't used.

On the new switch, there are eight terminals on the bottom, and I have no idea which terminal is for what.

Does anybody have any wiring schematics or diagrams that'll help me figure out where to solder each wire into the switch?

I can provide pics of the switches if necessary.
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The problem is, I have no idea which terminals I should solder the various wires to.

The terminals on the new switch aren't in the same places as the ones on the old switch.

Imagine if all the terminals in the diagram you sent me were on the same side of the switch (pointing all in the same direction).

How do I figure out which terminals to use?

EDIT: I can e-mail you the pictures if you'd like, since I have no webspace where I can upload the pics to.
Every atom belonging to me as good belongs to you
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