Hey I just found out that fat strats have floyd roses. I want to get one but do they have any HSH configurations? I have only seen HSS.

Any help is appreciated.
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this is the only one i could find. I know its a showmaster, and a squire, but i am pretty dure there'r some Fender ones. Wouldn't mind that as a second guitar though...
hope that did something
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I posted this in Tubey's Mystery Fender thread ... my MIJ Fender Strat has the FR and it's routed for HSH. Right now, mine's set up with DM bucker and singles:

I've seen them called Fender FR Fat Strat, Fender Hotrod Strat, and Fender FR Super Strat ... not sure of the official name. I've seen pictures with maple/maple or rosewood/maple necks, clear or painted headstocks matching the body color, Kahler or Fender-stamped or OFR tremolos.
you can always get a fat strat then route out the neck pocket to fit a humbucke and just get a new pickguard