alright i have no clue where to put this thread but i figured this is guitar gear and accessories so im putting it here. The other day I went to the only good music store in my city and spent a godd three hours there. Out of all the stuff I tired out I came across this really sweet sythesizer. I have never really touched one of these things before and I dont know what use I would have for it but I really enjoyed playing with it. I think I spent at least half the time I was there on this device. I am not really into techno music or anything like that and if I did use it in a band situation it would only be for a second or two. Anyways do you think this synth would be good beginner synth? Is it worth the money to buy it just so I can experiment with the sounds? Would I also be able to use one of my guitar amps for it?

heres the link
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Id say yes. Ive toyed around with it a good few hours while visiting a local music store and it seems to me like a great place to start. You can get a lot of pretty cool sounds going with it. I myself was rocking some sound similar to The Faint and it seemed to come thru pretty well
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Yeah I've messed around with that thing too and I started reading reviews on it and they've all been good if you're just messing around with synth type stuff. In fact, I'm saving my money right now for one. If you go to harmonycentral.com they have reviews for it there.