Simple guys - just list all of your favourite songs at the moment in a... list.

Try not to name a particular band more than once: here's mine from a month ago from my MSN Space (can't be ****ed to edit - I'll post again updating later)

In no particular order:

Heart Of Concrete, Prior II Submission

Locust Reign, Converge

No Donnie, These Men Are Nihilists, Evergreen Terence

Thy Horror Cosmic, The Black Dahli Murder

Dreaming In Dog Years, The Red Chord

Bring Out Your Dead, Martyr AD

If These Bullets Could Talk, The Number Twelve Looks Like You

Selkies: The Endless Obession, Between The Buried And Me

Lets Fall In Love, The Great Redneck Hope

Vide Infra, Killswitch Engage

Happy posting
S.I.T.N(Love In A Can) -My Band

Janies Got A Gun(Aerosmith)

Zombie Stomp (Ozzy Osbourne)

With A Hip( Echo And The Bunnymen)

Yet Another Movie (Pink Floyd)

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A Blessing In Tragedy - Darkest Hour
Death By Stereo - Emo Holocaust, Porno, Sex, Drugs, Lies, Money, And Your Local Gov't
Horse The Band - Big Blue Violence
The Number 12 Looks Like You - Don't Get Blood On My Prada Shoes
Protest The Hero - Bury The Hatchet
Refused - Circle Pit
Atreyu - The Crimson, Shameful
Coheed And Cambria - Faint Of Hearts
SKSK - The World As We Know It
August Burns Red - Too Late For Roses
Avenged Sevenfold - I Won't See You Tonight Part 1, Chapter Four
Bury Your Dead - Bring The Mosh
Between The Buried And Me - Naked By The Computer
Trivium - Departure
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Stick To Your Guns - "For What It's Worth" album
Battle! - "2006 Demo"
The Warriors - "War Is Hell redux" album
August Burns Red - "Thrillseeker" album
Casey Jones - "The Few, The Proud And The Crucial" and "The Messenger" albums

as for songs;
Dragonforce - "Through The Fire And The Flames"
Bury Your Dead - "Magnolia"
The Acacia Strain - "4X4", "Predator; Not Prey" and "The Dead Walk"
Between The Buried And Me - "Colorblind" and "Backwards Marathon"
Down To Nothing - "I Can't Believe My Eyes" and "Smash It!"
Ability - "This Is Mine"
HORSE the band - "Softer Sounds" and "Octopus On Fire"
Shai Hulud - "Aesthetic"
Fear Before The March Of Flames - "Should've Stayed In The Shallows"
Set Your Goals - "Goonies Never Say Die" and "How Bout' No Scott"

besides listen to those i've been writing for the newest project.
I have cancer, fight me.
The Saddest Day- Converge
Behold, The White Whore-The Jonbenet
In Regards To Myself- Underoath
Promises Kept- Champion
Latch Key- Set Your Goals
Snow And Lights- Explosions In The Sky
Down, Set, Go - Underoath
Hearts Once Nourished... - Shai Hulud
All In A Year - Comeback Kid
Looking Back - Champion
Chapel Of Ghouls - Morbid Angel
Unite - Throwdown
Set Your Goals - To Be Continued
Grace Gale - Tijuana Vs Albuquerque
Twodeadsluts Onegood**** - Pipebomb At The Special Olympics
Another Breath - Racing A Fading Image
At All Cost - Death to Distraction (simply amazing)
Modern Life Is War - D.E.A.D.R.A.M.O.N.E.S.
Good Clean Fun - 11th Commandment
Guns Up! - All In
Guns Up!
3rd Measurement in C - Saosin

Writing On The Walls -Underoath

Reinventing Your Exit -Underoath

Some Will Seek Forgiveness, Others Escape -Underoath

Terrible! How Terrible For The Great City! - As Cities Burn

Same Shade as Concrete - Circle Takes the Square

The Seduction - He Is Legend
whats the difference betewen this thread and the what are you listening to thread thats already made?
Kido is the name and i like to rhyme
I'll have you ladies playin with your panty line

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Mutiny - Set Your Goals
Manateen - HORSE the Band
To Believe - With Honor
The Machinist - Have Heart
Step on it - Slapshot
Deserted - Harder the Fight
You Break - Guns Up!
The Operative Word - Comeback Kid
In No Particular Order...

Make Or Break - Pro Team
My Way - Black My Heart
Never Again - Death Before Dishonor
Holding Hands Is For Girls - Carpathian
Hard Times - Cro-mags
Things We Say - Gorilla Biscuits
The Seventh Star, Feverish - Seventh Star
Promises Kept - Champion
Lock and Load - Her Nightmare
Modern Life Is War - D.E.A.D.R.A.M.O.N.E.S
The Acacia Strain - Predator: Not Prey, Carbomb, 4X4
A Black Rose Burial - A Baleful Aura in the Graveyard of Broken Gears
Dead Will Rise - The Act of Vanishing
Set Your Goals - Goonies Never Say Die!
Since the Flood - 24k
This Is Hell - The Polygraph Cheaters
Kids Like Us - Monster Squad, Dog Food, You Know Your Life Sucks
Allegiance - My Pledge, No Dice
Down to Nothing - Burn, Home Sweet Home, Used Up
Final Fight - Three Years Ago
Killing the Dream - Four Years Too Late
Guns Up! - Test My Will, Frozen
xBishopx - Bless the Dead, Ingest, Old Habits
From A Second Story Window - Ghosts Over Japan, Soft Green Fields, A Piece of History Written in English, The Crusher
Is this restricted to hardcore? If so....

The Suicide File - A Pleasure To Have In Class
Modern Life Is War - By The Sea, Fakes Like You, D.E.A.D.R.A.M.O.N.E.S
Betrayed - A Light In The Dark
Verse - Rebuild album
This Is Hell - The Polygraph Cheaters, Epilogue
Reflux - The Illusion of Democracy album
The Red Chord - Dreaming In Dog Years
Protest The Hero - Kezia album
Municipal Waste - Drunk As ****
Envy - A Dead Sinking Story album
Misery Signals - The Year Summer Ended In June
Ds-13 - Killed By The Kids album
Gorilla Biscuits - Big Mouth
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