Hi, everyone. I'm a new memeber, and I've been playing guitar for about a year. I'm not good yet, but I'm fairly decent--past musical training has helped me learn pretty fast. Basically, I'm looking for a solo guitar book (I mean parts for one guitar, not a book of guitar solos. Though that would be cool too.) I've been doing the Mel Bay Guitar Method Books (*snore*) and am looking for a book with rock, jazz, blues, and classical pieces to learn, also. I've looked at some fake books--but all the ones I've seen have only had chords. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks! --kt
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Maybe a beatles songbook?
A lot of their songs are quite easy.
theres this publishing company called Hal Leonord, who makes books with stuff you would use in guitar lessons. they have different levels of books for what grade of guitar your in, and i use them, they're really good books. Also, warner brothers pulbishes a book written by Aaron Stang, I use these in my lessons, and they're both really good skill building books.
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