Yo my UG brethren.

I've uploaded 3 of the songs from my band and would love u guys to comment on them for me. They were recorded at a local studio a month or two ago.

they can be found on:

Koil myspace

Tracks are:

1. What Do You Think Your Playing At

2. Endless

3. Turn

Any constructive critiscism is welcomed, just dont slate me for the hell of it!

Crit for crit - i'll check your stuff out too
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Listening to 'What do you think your playing at'

SOunds good, i'm not really into this kind of stuff, but I appreciate it. I like the vocals, seem quite solid to me.... i think I can spot a few timing issues in there.

Drums/guitar are good... recording could be a bit better though.

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I listened to Turn

I'm not really digging the verse - it seems sort of stagnant, it doesn't go anywhere. Maybe it could use a little more instrumentation (more than just chords). That said, I think it leads into the chorus really well, and I think the chorus sounds very good. The solo fits nicely, and its a good guitar tone with the distortion.

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