its still in a rough draft form, no drums and not much eq work done. Would like to know you guys think about it. It's under the "my own songs" section on http://finishsawyer.dmusic.com

and yes I'm singing and I suck, but overall hows it sound? haha

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your singing isn't as bad as you think. It's actually pretty good.

This sounds very classic rock... like it. It seems like in some parts your out of sync with the guitar, or vice versa. It kinda drags on for a while ... you said it's a draft so that fine. But this would be a good intro - i'm just expecting some big percussion to come in anytime!!

Thanks for critting mine btw.

thanks for the words man....I guess it's true what they say...the toughest critic you'll ever face is yourself..

Have a 5 piece drum set but no way to record it where I'm at....might have a full band in the works, if I do get everyone together we'll try to jam it out for ya. Bass, drums and all.
Your singing is pretty good - it sounds good with the reverb and the guitar doubling the melody. It definitely would benefit from some drums, I'd like to hear once you've filled it out. Good start though.

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