The time has come to put my aside my beloved Yamaha RBX270L and it is time for a next beast to take it's place. I've decided that i'm going to go for either a Warwick or a Schecter bass. I'm looking for a clean, crisp and low tone, similar to that of Steve Harris' (Iron Maiden) bass sound on the recent Iron Maiden albums, but either way, my next bass will be one of the two.

Could you guys tell me what the two makes are like?

**Note - I do NOT want a Rockbass**
I'm looking into one of the Schecter Stiletto's and I am really, really interested in it. It's a nifty bass.

This post holds no necessary information, but I guess maybe a brownie point for Schecter.
I'm absolutely in love with my Schecter Stieletto Elite-4. There is not a single other bass that I would use as my main bass. This thing is incredible, especially considering the price. It has great sound, great quality, and a great feel to it. I first played it back when I didn't know anything about the different makes of bass, so I just played pretty much one of everything that was available. I picked up the E-4, having never even heard of Schecter, and once I played it I knew I had to have it.

In short, get the Schecter <_<
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I've got the Custom 4. Qality pice of bass mate. EMG's are gorgeous, neck is fast, bsas looks sexy. Yeah, Schecters rock my world
Are any of the Schecter Stiletto's line capable of a decent slap tone? I really wanted to nab a Peavey Cirrus but the versatility doesn't seem to compare to the Schecter.
Yeah dude, this bass can do it all. from low reggae bass to punchy slap tones. trust me, go play a Schecter, you wont be let down my friend. And they ship with Elixer strings!
Schecters are nice and all, but it's hard to top a Warwick. If you have the money, well let me put it this way, if I had the money, I would buy a Warwick. Unless I had a not-so-good amp, then I would get a high end Schecter and invest the rest towards a new amp. But Warwicks are known for having a growl to them, which you might not want if you want "crisp and clean" lows.
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well it depends on the Warwick and the schecter in question, no?

and in a celebrity death match, a stingray would kick a warwicks arse imo!!!!
Then Warwick. There shouldn't even be a question if you're not talking about Rockbass.

If you want to sound like Steve Harris, though, get a P-Bass.
Quote by Bassman86
Then Warwick. There shouldn't even be a question if you're not talking about Rockbass.

If you want to sound like Steve Harris, though, get a P-Bass.

A Fender Precision bass? Do they do them in left handed?
I wish I had enough money to have problems like this.

Lefty P basses are rather abundant, actually.
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I would say a warwick if u got the denero. My friend has a schecter diamond series and he says that he wants to upgrade 2 a warwick.