The drums pull the attention away from the nice guitar work, the drums sound so 2 dimensional, bring up the snare and down that crash. Also I don't hear/fell any bass guitar, and its the chili peppers. Honestly your singing is pretty good, you can feel the heart in it at points, but feels a little low at certain points
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ahhh the drums annoy me
try enhancing the drums or take them out i only hear crash
no snare or kick
good guitar though singing is okay
you sound young... well keep trying
good try tho.. good mixing , good bass
ok so overall 5/10
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I see what you mean about sounding young .

Okay, well I thought the drums were maybe a bit too dominant; particularly in the chorus I struggle to here both guitar and bass..
The guitar is definitely a bit quiet, which comes through in the solo; but the solo is played nice (I assume you missed the


x about 3 - 4 ish

on purpose?

The vocals sound okay (Seem quite quiet too), as you said you sound very young, but I thought at times they seemed a touch lazy [E.g. at one point you went quite Yorkshire and said "fu" instead of "for" ], then at others you put your all into it, lol.

But yeah, I thought it sounded pretty nice, *thumbs up*.
well its all been summed up but I definitely agree with either turning down the drums or turning everything else up. Especially the guitar in the first minutes of it, during the verses.
The drums really are too loud...but they don't sound bad....just loud..

Don't know how old you are, but you do sound young. Decent job singing, just remember to always put your all into singing. You do a great job on the guitar though.
Yeah i only just realised that the annoying crash was still in the chorus (i was listening to it on my mp3 player on the bus today) I didnt realise it so Il take the crash out. Im planning on doing the vocals again soon
sounds good to me, you do sound young. Good work, i can only hear some tiny flaws.
And please turn down the drums...nice work with the guitar.
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Yes, of course I have to comment on the annoying drums... turn the crash down, and the drums need to go down on the whole. BTY how old are you? nice singing and i like the guitar. 7/10