So, I have $350 to spend on gear and am looking for suggestions. My current gear is:

Guitars: Godin Freeway Classic, A&L Cedar CW
Amp: Crate GT212, Fender Champ 12 (older Tube Model)
FX: Boss DS-1, CE-5, DD-6, MXR Dynacomp, Dunlop Crybaby and HiGain.

I'm thinking about:
Putting it towards a mexi strat or tele.
Getting a 212 extension cab for my crate (so I can get a tube head at somepoint as well)
Getting a Rotovibe and some other effect.

Your thoughts. Those are what I'm leaning towards but am open to other options.
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Ewww.....buy a new amp.

Edit: Nevermind, i just took a look at the pricing on some good tube amps. I suggest you take this 350 and put it somewhere safe, till you get double or triple that, or at least close to 900 for a good tube amp.

Seriously, why would you need a 212 for a Crate amp? Do you play shows on a frequent basis? If so, i suggest you learn to use the PA, as your amp will really suck a lot of tone. Really though, if you are willing to save until you get a bigger spending, some good brands to look at would be Traynors, Peavey, Vox, and maybe Randall, depending on what you like. I've personally never tried these combo tube amps, the only combo's i use are for lighter, rock based music, and blues. Everything else i play i use my stacks for. In fact, i wouldn't even bother posting this if you weren't Canadian
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Ya, I was thinking that. I know it sounds noobish, but I am liking the sound coming out of my rig right now actually. If I got the cab, then when I eventually buy a tube head I have something to push it through. My dad bought my brother a cheap acoustic bass so this is how he's evening the score so to speak. I may not have a choice, but I really don't hate my tone right now. I might convince him to get the strat. I realize tube tone pwns, but I just don't have the cash.
get a new amp, the guitars you have are fairly decent... but your amp is worst than the marshall mg

i think you can find a vox ad30vt for that price, and its a really good for what you pay for.
BTW the Fender is the old Tube fender champ. Not the **** ones they have now. I agree with the new amp, but I'm not sure how my dad will work this. How is the Valveking head? Because that is in my pricerange, and I can use the cab for the crate and then buy the head within the next few months and hook the head up to that.
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NEW DECISION. I think I am going to take the money, sell my crate and buy a Peavey Valveking 212. Good decision?
Or would the Fender Hot Rod Deluxe 112 be better?
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I'd get the Hot rod over the Peavey if I were you, the vavle kings sound like crap unless you swap the speakers and I hear they're problematic.
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Basically I play classic rock, blues, and grunge. My favourite tone is SRV's. I love my fender tube, but my dad doesn't like me taking it outside too much, so I'm thinking of getting a new one. Now with selling the Crate I have 650-750 to work with for what is now a new amp. Suggestions? My thoughts so far are:
Fender Hot Rod Deluxe
Traynor YCV50BLUE
Peavey Valveking
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I'd narrow it down to the Traynor and Fender if I was in your shoes. The peavey is just shjt compared to the other 2.

This is actually a tough choice, the Traynor and Fender are both very good amps for your musical style. Both of them can do classic rock, grunge, and blues very well.... you'll just have to test them out man, it's the only way to find out which one is better for you. It's really up to you.
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Is it worth getting the 212 version of either? I want it to be loud enough but I want to get a good tone at a quiet volume. Basically if I can pick a clean I want it to sound like 'Lenny' and for distorted, basically Slash to Van Halen. BTW LZ if it was you your Lenny was fantastic.
lol naw I didn't record any version of Lenny, but I do love to play that song.

The 212 choice will have to be made by you and if you like it more.

It'll be a little difficult getting good tone from a 40 watt amp at low volume though. You might need to get an attenuator, but they can get pricey if you want one that won't suck your tone...or you can just crank it anyways. I got myself a Weber attenuator and it works great for my Traynor TCV40t 210, and my blues Jr. Though I use it more for my Blues Jr. since it's my practice amp I use at home (I live in a townhouse, even past 4 vol. the neighbours bang on the wall), and my Traynor is my band prac. amp that I keep at my drummers place.

Here's a link to the weber site. I've got the mini mass 50 watt version and it works amazingly for both amps. I would only get a speaker motor model as opposed to the resistor models since the resistors suck tone.

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Ok, I think I need to test out both amps, as both sound amazing. Would it be worth getting the 212 version of either? Sorry for all the questions.
It all depends on if you think it sounds better, cause I have no idea man. I got the 210 model of my traynor because I liked it better then the 112 version. It might sound better to me, but it might not to you and vice versa. I don't think the traynor or fender models you're looking at makes a 212, though I could be wrong.

This will be my last post for the day, gotts get some sleep, but I'll be glad to help out some more tomorrow.
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The Fender comes in the Deville. The traynor isn't the exact same, but they make a 212. I think I just have money for the 112 though, so it doesn't matter. Basically I need a great drive AND fantastic clean. I think the traynor (though more expensive) may be the ticket. I won't be out trying amps until probably next week, but I like to go in knowing all I can.