is this a good practice schedule? i think it needs more stuff, but what else does it need?

*45 minutes- scales and warming up (legato is added in here)
*30 minutes- book (currently learning how to read standard notation for jazz band in high school. im doing a 3 book series hall leonard guitar method then i plan on doing a stylistic book.)
*15 minutes- jamming and playing whatever songs i want

crit and give me whatever help you can please. i do need some technique excercises, so that would help. thanks!
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I would do just as much jamming as the scales. Because scales only go so far, but jamming, you'll get more of a feel for what you want to play.
you should buy the Speed Mechanics book. it's a great book. work off that. you sould just post this in your other thread and delete this one !!
i might move jamming up to 30 minutes and scales down to 30 minutes.
Ive found that if i try to make a practice schedule for myself, it never works. Recently ive committed the E Blues scale to memory. I learned it the way it said in the book, and figured out 2 other ways to play it. Now that I know it, I took some main blues riffs that I came up with in the key of E and used the E Blues scale to solo. its worked great for me.

Basically, you should spent a good amount of time doing stuff that you are comfortable with to warm up. I play some Hendrix and SRV when I warm up. This gets the blood flowing and sets me in a jammin mood. Once ive done that I do something that I dont usually do...such as scales, arpeggios, chords, or some theory stuff. A common thing that most guitarists (and maybe musicians) do is they tend to play more stuff that they already know. They might play a song that they know really well and thats all they will play, with the result that they wont really get anywhere.

Do stuff that you are comfortable doing, but dont do too much.

Hoped that helped
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