I found an old Boss Xtortion pedal at a local store and I've tried it and it sounds pretty good, a little weak in some spots but over all a very good pedal. The guy at the store recommended the Boss Mega Distortion and it sounds very similar to the Xtortion. Originally I went in looking for a Marshall Shredmaster but those are pretty much extinct in North America. Does anyone own an Xtortion pedal?
Nope ... but there becoming quite rare nowadays, is it better than a DS1?
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It's 'a little bit more powerful and sounds good for playing '90's stuff. The contour knob helps you out extremely and as you said, it's rare and under 100 bucks.
I already have an EQ pedal so it's not an issue really, I was also looking at the Power Driver pedal that came out at the same time.
i have the mega distortion and if sounds great when you set it right
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I can't find any for the Xtortion but Musiciansfriend.com has some of the mega-distortion, the thing is I don't think I need that much distortion that the mega distortion has.