i have a fender hot rod deluxe and the guy from guitar center said i needed 4 cables to run it to still get the tube sound. What am I supposed to do with the preamp in and powerout. i just need to know what cables to plug into where
Im confused. lol. about what that guy was trying to tell you. Basically all you need to do is:

Guitar goes to instrument cable; Instrument cable goes to input on amp
ok, he said that to still get the sound of the tube amp and still use the effects that you have to put in the cable from the guitar to the (blank) and so on and so forth. what cables do i plug in where, like the preamp out cable to the processor and then the output to the power in, in the amp?
Not nessisarily what he's talking about is the effects loop which is after the pre-amp. It works better for certain effects (mod effects) if they're after the pre-amp. I'm not going to go on, its a personal preference where you put your effects. so BASICALLY guitar-->some effects-->input (then) pre-amp out-->effects-->power amp in. I hope that helps.
oh its called an Effects Loop. And like Connorcore said, it works best with mod effects (delay, phase, flange, chorus..etc.).