The riff is pretty cool. Needs some more instruments. The singer has potential but needs to work on staying in key on the low short words. All in all not bad for what it is.
musically there's not, only the vocals in a couple of spots when they hit the short notes... hardly noticeable I guess....good job though.
I like when you say "make me feel fine"..
no idea why.. but keep it up..
*waits for 'pretty pretty' part*
\m/ I like that bit... again I dont know why
ooh oooh piano well this is by FAR the best bit of the song

Anywho I like it... you know that...


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new version with slide guitar from mack on pv

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EDIT: on the guitar
EDIT EDIT: in playing with my guitar
i like it but the singing seems a bit off. maybe work on the singing a little i listened to the new version and i really like the sound.