Ok.. Here is my problem. I run a Shure SM58 through a cable into the microphone input of my computer. However, when I try to record anything even moderately quiet (micing my new acoustic), I get a horrible fuzzy noise in the background. It doesn't obscure what I'm recording at all, it's just a really obnoxious noise. It only happens when I have to turn the microphone volume up on the computer though. For example, when micing an amp where I can simply turn the mic volume low and the amp volume high, this isn't a problem at all. So basically what I'm asking is whether there is anyway to fix this or if I can't really record acoustic for whatever reason with this setup? Thanks.
Assuming you're just using a typical consumer sound card, It's probably from the less than stellar Mic pre-amp you have. You could either get a cheap mic pre-amp and record through the line in on your sound card, or invest in a semi-pro sound card with a built in mic pre-amp.
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