Hey, I need some advice on how to replace a simple acoustic pickguard. Any ideas on how to do this.
The longer your pickguard has been on the guitar the harder it is to take it off. Just keep that in mind.

Now you are going to need a steam iron a razor blade some cardboard and a metal spatula.

What you are going to do is steem the pickguard off.

Cut a hole in the cardboard that is the same size and shape as your pickguard. Then lay it on you guitar so that the pickguard is exposed but the rest of the guitar is coved by the cardboard. This is so that you can insulate the guitar and protect the finish.

Now drip some water along the edges of the pickguard and then hold the iron about 2.5" above the guitar top with the steem set on high. You have to be really carful not to heat the top too fast and not to let the iron get to close to the top. If you get too close then it will make the finish on the guitar bubble.

After 3 or 4 minutes steeming the pickguard you should be able to work the razorblad under the edge of the pickguar. Lift the edge all the way around but don't force anything. If it doesn't want to come up and you force it up then you can rip off the finish or even worse, it could pull off some of the wood. So anyway, after you get the edges liften drip some water under the edges and keep heating. Then try pushing the spatula under the pickguard.

The key is to work slowly and use lots of water and steem but be carful that none of the water gets inside the guitar and be careful not to overheat the guitar.

Once you have the picguard off you will need to let the guitar dry out for a couple days before you put the new pickguard on and before you restring it. If you don't wait it could cause cracking, warping, or it could cause the gluejoints for the bracing to fail
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