i've been looking to buy a new set of pickups and i've decided to get a set of fender texas specials but i was just wondering are they ok to fit on a standard mexican strat? that may be a stupid question but i really don't know much about that kind of thing. thanks
Yea they should fit and the texas special are some hot pickups. they got good tone and the punch to prove it.
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Nice pickup choice. Are you going to install them yourself?

nah i'm going to get it done at a shop cos i don't know much about the electronic side of things on a guitar
You should definitely do it yourself, in that case. And I'm perfectly serious. It not hard at all, the directions make it idiot proof, and you'll learn something.
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Yup! It's childplay! Aslong as you don't do somethign stupid like.. throw a pickup against a wall.. or leave the soldering iron on the bare wood for more than 30 seconds.... The worsed thing that could happen is accedentaly crossing the ground with the hot. And that will jst make you guitar not work, and that's damn simple to fix! (Doesn't do any long term damage, you just need to uncross the connections!
Its not hard to install.

I've got some in my strat copy and they are ownage dude
stratrocker: I have a set of Texas Specials in a 1988 model 57' Reissue (MIJ). If you get these, also get a variable mid boost switch. This combination renders a Claptonesque buttery tone. I love it.