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that one yngwie malmesteen guitar, someone will post a pic of it later im sure
anyone remember that ESP that got done for a while that was shaped like a devil lady?
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I was about to say the danelectro long horn
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I agree...Danelectro longhorn. That thing is fugly.
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bucketheads double neck, one neck is a Guitar the other is a bass, its made by jackson. i was like "WTF!?" when i saw it
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ive seen these before. one guy sold 2 air guitars, for $2 each or something. people are retarded, what can i say.
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I agree...Danelectro longhorn. That thing is fugly.

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a good percentage of those weird guitars are very expensive, but yeah i never take down the names of them on a notepad or anything, i just give them a "wtf is that ****ing ridiculous piece of errotic filth doing on the shelf" kind of look and just walk off and continue my day.
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^ thats the yngwie one i was talking about

*gasp* your phsycic! lol
omg how many times is this thread going to come up? the answer is the wangcaster. okay? buh-bye
damn, everytime these kind of threads get made, the word 'wangcaster' is always mentioned.
yngwie's one actually doesn't look that bad, and i've seen all these before, except that last bass.
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10 gauge for electric, 11 gauge for acoustic, 12 gauge for hunting.
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What is the wierdest guitar you have ever seen?

definitely those totally girly guitars made for girls. Complete with Hello Kitty and pink sunbursts and guitars shaped as flowers and butterflies!!

That kind of stuff makes me wanna barf! Girls don't need specialized guitars. They are beautiful as they are. It's not like the girls have to settle for schecters with pearl inlays of girl silhouettes on the frets... Yes there's actually such thing though I love schecters.

and as for making the necks thinner, and making the body lighter and more comfortable, it's totally unnecessary! I've never had a problem playing a normal guitar. So what if some guitars are heavy? I can carry them easily. Just a way to sell crappy guitars for more money.
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