ok ive been playing and learning how to play metalcore lately but i wanna get it to sound the best it can.
right now i have a DOD Death Metal petal and a crate amp. the amp has an equalizer.. thats where im having problems.. cuz that means i have 2 equalizers.. one on my amp and one on my petal.. so how should i put them together to make them sound the most like bands like haste the day and still remains.

and also when i plug it in to the computer to record stuff can someone give me settings for JUST the petals equilizer to make it sound the best for the genre?
um, only one way to find out what works for your setup: TRY STUFF.
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either find a balance between them, or have clean sound on your amp n set the pedal to do the work.

computer thing i have no idea dude.

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ok the main EQ you want to use is Volume - 0

nah just kidding. you'll want you treble fairly high with scoooped mids and plenty of bass.
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I`d just go ahead and use the clean channel on the amp, then go ahead and run your eq on your pedal. You should try gettin a hold of a Boss Metal Zone pedal. Those things are badass...

p.s. listen to some All That Remains...they got some kickass metalcore riffs goin on.
-Scoop the mids
-Crank the highs some to eliminate amp "farting"
-Boost the highs on your dist. pedal for bite

Find a good balance between the amp and pedal Eq's.
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