so whenever i plug my petal into my amp theres no noise.. but then when i plug the guitar into the petal it starts to buzz.. which a little is normal but mines more than a little.
would this be my cable?
or something in my guitar?
or maybe even my petal?
check for any cuts on the cable or wear on it
check the knobs on the guitar
if you have another pedal try plugging that one in

try different combinations and you should pin point the problem
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most likely the cable if theres no fuzz/feedback when the pedal goes to your amp.

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ya i was afraid that it might be something internal like that.
i hope not =(
and i dont have any cables so if thats the only way to see if it is that then i guess ill just have to take it to the guitar shop and see if it buzzes on there amps as well
i didnt want to haha
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are u plugging the pedal into the wall or using a battery?

alot of times external power supplies cause hum.
it can be that or the cable to the pedal or
the cable to the amp from the pedal.

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