I've been playing guitar for awhile now, and I've came to a point where playing others songs and making my own songs with power chords isn't enough. I want to go farther into learning guitar. I want to learn some scales and how to use them. Im sure if you play guitar you've met this point. Really I just need some guidance. Maybe someone to tell me what I should learn first, and where to learn it. Any suggestions?
I'd start learning the minor pentatonic and playing it over some power chords... try adding emotion to your power chords too by converting them into barre chords. Check out some of the lessons on chords about barre chords. When you're comfortable with them learn about the minor pentatonic.


That might help you with progressions, break a leg! lol
I think that happens to everybody. It sounds like you dont have guitar lessons right now, so you might want to try that. Sorry, i dont have any links, maybe somebody else will, but you could learn about major and minor pentatonic scales to start, and learn about chord progressions.
Good luck!

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I'm guessing you don't take lessons?

You could learn theory, and pwn all the noobs by handing them some sheet music and telling them to play it!
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ha i've suggested that link three times today it's a great lesson for beginners to theory
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it took you 15 consecutive hours of practice to realize that playing guitar makes you better at playing guitar. congratulations.

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