first of all you need to have good music. then, you will need a demo so people can hear your music. often now myspace is used for this purpose, but for serious places you will need a cd. start finding out nights in your area or city? Stockholm? then contact the promoters of the nights and if they like your music they will give you a shot. often you'll be required to bring a certain amount of people with you as a crowd. the more you bring, the more they like you and the more gigs you get. the more gigs you get, the more word spreads that you are good and people want to see you. then some a & r man see's you at some place and approaches you, you then get an advance of £500,000 to record an album which sells 8m copies worldwide.

just get out there, talk to everyone in the music scene you are interested in and try to promote yourselves. If you happen to see a band a bit ahead of you (like 3 or 4 years older than you) then it may be worthwhile walking up to them after a gig and ask if you can open for them.

No one is going to know about you if you don't actively make yourselves known.
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