this is an afi cover i jus did, it has a few mistakes, and they r noticabe...crit how u want, jus dont flam me...idc if you dont like the song, dont listen if you dont...but thnx for look at it...here is the link http://media.putfile.com/God-Called-In-Sick-Today-afi-cover
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not bad, i suggest getting a dmusic acount and a backing track for the next covers
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yea, i have been thinking about doin that, but i cant find any bacjing tracks for afi songs...
What new friends will the day bring?

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There's a way to get backing tracks from Guitar Pro 4. I don' t think it works with GP5. Anyway, here's how. I suggest you go d/l Audacity, which is free recording software.

1) Turn the volume down to zero on all the tracks (guitar 1, guitar 2, etc.) you don?t want to hear.
2) All the tracks you do want to have ? lower their volumes to about 6 or 7, as when they are too loud they tend to distort and produce really poor sounds.
3) Go File > Export > Wave File (audio)
4) Stereo Mix
5) Format PCM
6) Attributes > 44.100 kHz, 16 bit, stereo, 172 kb/sec
7) Save the file to a location
8) ?You can now use the play/stop button to record. Start at the beginning of the track. One you press play, let the song run all the way through until the end WITOUT you stopping it! (This ensures the whole track is recorded!)
9) It will then say something like, ?Track has been recorded to??.?
10) Then, I use the LAME encoder to export the track as an MP3 ? in Audacity ? go Project > import audio > choose your song
11) Then go file > export as MP3

Hope that helps. In order for it to work, you need to have the Guitar Pro 4 file, although I'm sure it was obvious.


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