Hey this is my first song using garageband and my first time singing. The sound quality isn't great on the vocals, but please try to look past that as that is my only setup at the time. Comments and criticism are welcome. It is the first song on the site, called "Wanted To Say". Thanks

wow! I really enjoy this. Has such a fun laid back vibe. That lead guitar is AWESOME as well. Like you said the vocal quality is bad and I can tell it's your first time singing. If you fix that though (and a few time issues every once in a while) this is a spectacular song.
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yeah i think this is a cool song, great guitar some of the best most melodic stuff ive hear on UG, and if your just starting vocally you have much potential im enjoying it as is, but once you play it 1000 times im sure you'll be sounding really good, thats how it is for me, there are a couple very minor pitch issues vocally, and very easy to correct just keep playing the tune, all singers need to constantly work on the fundamentals so all in all Great Job!

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I would have sworn I reviewed this somewhere on here...but either way..

Nice track though, REALLY need to turn up your backing though...cant really hear the guitars at all when you sing. From what I can hear though, it's a decent track, nothing fancy, just good solid melodic play.
friggin' decent! I love the lead guitar, vocals aint bad at all. Good effort dude
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Thanks for critting mine, i'll return the favour...

I can only hear the drums.. no guitar or vocals?? strange..

Thanks for the crit... here's mine:

Recording issues aside I think this is an excellent song - good and catchy and definitley hummabale after only a couple of listens. The loose lead guitar sat really nicely with the mood of the song too.

And well done for taking a crack at the singing!
i like your tone overall, the vocals tone, the guitar tone, the drums, everything feeds in well, its pretty excellent, ooh this solo is pretty awesome too man, nothing is lagging, its just the popping thats the problem, the popping in the mic. yes that was a good short song, maybe you could make it a bit longer cause i want to hear more, but nonetheless it is a good song, pretty catchy tune. just those mic pops kinda annoy me a bit, but thats the only problem, playing was great and singing fit the music prefectly. nice job. thank you for critting mine.
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thanks for all the crits - my problem with the mic is that it has a very low volume. I had to sing pretty loudly and turn the volume all the way up on garageband just to get the vocal level where it is. So yeah, I def should try to avoid that popping because its pretty annoying. Maybe I can find another mic lying around somewhere.

cccmtech: thanks a lot, you were right you reviewed it already on the dmusic site, but I had to put the song up again and your comments got deleted. I read them though, thanks for the suggestions, I am working on it as of right now.
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excellent, really like the feel of the song. solo, although simple it fits perfectly. your singing for first time is great and will progress alot over time
Great job on this one. I like the guitar, drums sound great, no problems. Vocals are really great Perfect volumes. What are you using to record? Garageband?

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I really like the vibe from this song. Not really my genre. however the guitaring and the melodies go perfect. U got the guitar down perfect. The tone and the recording of the guitar is really cool. I LOVE the part 1 min down the line.. and is that a rythem guitar in the back ground?? if so really cool.

The vocals could do a lil more work...mine certainly can lol.. maybe its the recording but it seems as if ur blowing into the mic sometimes. apart from that i think the vocal tone was fine. kinda reminded me of RHCP.

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