Thats VERY nice. Sounds alot like Satriani, i was loving it. Very easy listening. Check mine out below, alot diff, and yes i know, the recordings suck.
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im listening to red kites

and im like

hey thats satch

and then i snap back in2 reality

and i go

its not

and then i go

DAMN, this kid is good

great runs!
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sorry bud, not a huge fan, great guitarist and all, bud sounds like you're tryin to go too fast, comes out sounding like crap in some places
Really good guitar tones, both rhythm and lead. It is pretty clear that you are a very good guitarist. Sometimes it seems like you are just trying to fit as many notes as you can into a space, but for the most part this was not a problem. I personally liked it more when your lead took a relatively slower, more melodic approach.

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