hey I have a fairly cheap washburn guitar with an annoying fret buzz. since its cheap I dont expect it to live up to my martin but I would like it to work. Anyway, the only place it buzzes is on the 13th fret. it starts to buzz a little on the 12th but mainly on the 13th. I think one of the frets may be to high but I'm not sure. Any suggestions?
it buzzes on all strings, correct?
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you might not be holding down the string hard enough

I have been playing guitar for over half of my life and I can assure you that I am holding the strings down. and yes it buzzes on all the strings, and I did check to see if the neck was bowing and I didnt see anything but I'm not really an expert. I took it to sam ash before because I had a free setup thing there but they didnt fix it.