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Two Fourteen

You, the wind against my window on a nocturnal summer night.
The tiny footsteps on my rooftop that stomp at me, and no matter how maliciously,
I still sit up in bed to hear this liquid symphony. I watch you cascading off the shingles,
Streaming downward to no end and I keep inching closer to the pane.
I find it's things like you and this that make me so oblivious
To everything, the things I need, because I don't know it's raining
Unless I'm standing in it.

Distorted by the downpour, a full moon wanes hanging in the zenith of the sky,
And I'm not one to croon to the moon but it's what I do, it's what I do,
It's what I do each night for you ever since I saw the icicles melting for you.
Staring up, it's hard enough to even count the constellations,
The letters that fresco themselves across the soaked skyline in supernovae.
And when the stars finally get to me, know it's love and centrifugal force
That keep us all going around.

I?m sorry that I can?t keep eye contact with you
It?s never something I?ve been good at
But that isn?t why I can?t look at you
Maybe it?s the light
Or maybe because it?s 2 am
I can?t seem get my eyes off your lips
Maybe it?s your little scar that you hate
Or maybe it?s how soft I know they are

You, I and this couch are much more comfortable then I thought
With your arms around me you kept me warm
I know that maybe I should be the one doing these things
Making these moves

Now am sorry I keep pulling away and saying random things
It as nothing to do with you
Its all about fear and insecurities
But you know how it goes
I am new to this I don?t know about you

Now if this is what I will win
I will play until my fingers bleed
And I know that you cheat
But I think that you let me win
You knew I wasn?t going to start it
But you could tell I wanted to
So you had to spark it off
We both knew what we were doing
We had our own separate plans
But they play right in to each other
Is it a mind trick if you want it?