this may get killed extremely quick by the mods but i figured i would give it a try....

of all the forums on U-G, the hardcore forum tends to have the most hostility due to the fact that "hardcore" is too generalized....often good threads die quickly because ppl want to start fights over a sub-genre which they do not even listen to....i propose that hardcore be divided into several subgenres to hopefully be productive rather than a battleground.....

if this proposal does not fit here or is against the rules....plz delete immediately mods...i will understand....

if it lasts...everyone else...voice your opinion
Zapp said no more fourms sooooooo I'm guessing that's a noooooooooo.

But since you asked for MY opinion I really wouldn't mind seeing a sub fourm or something since Hardcore is somewhat of a broad genre but not as broad as say, metal.


I dunno.
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it wont happen. metalcore should be in metal though imo. itd fit better and thered be less arguments in here.
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I think there should be a sub forum for metalcore, especially the mainstream bands. People I've spoke to think that hardcore is Atreyu/A7X/ect and automatically write it off and call it emo, which can get kind of annoying
agreed...metalcore should be either separated or put in the metal forum....metalcore has much more in common with metal anymore (i mean c'mon....only hardcore trait of alot of these bands is breakdowns, usually stupid and in excess)....eh, i guess i would then lose the fun of making fun of the complete retards on here
I don't know if the metal elitists would accept metalcore in their forum. They're already very picky over there, and there are too many metal subgenres anyways.
Nah, it's not something that's going to happen, sorry.
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