Ill be getting a mt-2 soon and was wondering...will the clean have much of an affect to the distortion pedal

beacuse I use a sg and it is very very sharp and twangy on clean so I have to take all the EQ down to 1 or 0 except for trebel...or else the amp rumbles and the B and E string hurt ur ears

oh and how can I stop my B and E strring from sounding so sharp? is there any way
Of course it'll effect your distortion pedal if you're running it though the clean channel.

So you keep the treble up, and the mids and bass down, and the sharp sound goes?

Turn the treble down...
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I keep everything on 0 or 1 and the treble 2 or 3 so you can actually HEAR it

Im just afraid if i use a pedal then it will sound all muddy or something

Is it normal for the clean chanel to rumble and twang if you turn it up loud...would a compressor help...I have no clue im just wonderin
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What kinda amp are we talking? because this sounds like a bad speaker to me.
ashton ga80

it has a celestion...but has a tendency to rumble heaps and I reckon it passes alot of air..or something
You don't really need the mids and bass right down, it'll probably sound like crap.

And yea, could be the pickup heights, or just don't play so near to the bridge.
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Fender Strat/Tokai LS80>few pedals>Orange Rocker 30
....dont use the bridge pickup, or turn your tone knob done a bit, perhaps you're digging into your be and e strings too hard if it's just those strings that are causing your problem.
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Quote by Dale_kerigan
if you dont want twang turn the treble down and the mid and bass up

Yeah, the treble only really sounds very sharp when the bass and mids are down too. I have a Tele and I have the treble on 7, but the bass is on 3 and the mids are on 5, so those equal it out.

Turn the bass and mids up and it won't be so sharp.
I don't think he actually means "twang". I think he's referring to the boomy sound you get when you have too much bass on a crap speaker, and the thing starts vibrating out of key.
First, you gave us 5 mins to answer before bumping it.

Second, edit your posts.

Third, you should eq your clean channel flat, then eq with the Metal Zonel...then adjust from there. Turn your bass down if its rumbling.