Hey guys I'm planning on getting a better guitar because my guitar is REALLY crap, and I need something that actually has a known brand lol.. I mean the guitar was all good when I had no clue how to play but it's almost a year now and I need something else lol... First of all I have a price range of around 350 to 400 USD. and these are the specifics

Style: I play metal/ Metalcore, so I would want something with a humbucker on the bridge. I prefer a basswood body but Mahogony is okay aswell and a rosewood fingerbored.. oh not to mention 24 frets.
Bridge: Set.. NO tremolo.. I like to switch tunings
Prefered brand: Ibanez would be nice but if you have something better in mind go ahead and let me know.

Thanks for your help.. I just want to know if you have any suggestions, that I should try out.
Perfect! Schecter Omen 6!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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What's your amp? That gives more of the Metal tone than the actual axe.
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