I want to start writing my own music and i've been playing for about 6 monthes now.. However I don't have ne background knowledge on the panatonic scale or nething(dont even noe wut it is)..im still fairly new...how could i get the kowledge to write good stuff or do u guys have ne tips for just starting out?
this is mainly for lyrics, try Musician talk.

and I'd suggest the hopscoth method for pentatonics.
1) Learn your notes.
2) Use Google to look up scales
3) combine the knowledge of those two elements
4) Listen to someone who has a better sense of wording that I
Good Songwriting is tons of mistakes, creativity, and an ear for what sounds good/doesn't.
If your writing songs you can get by just knowing about 5 chords, but to write music you should Keep playing other people's stuff untill you know some scales and fingerboard patterns, some basic theory and have a good feel of your music.