Well I'm not all to known around here but if you crit my stuff I'll crit yours thanks.

I?ve woken up under another dull sky
Again in a world that say?s just call it quits
and were the music is resonating from the heart to the mind
slowly losing it?s touch as it goes
the lyrics written upon every wall and everyones mind
the beat soudning so familiar
when will they?ll be the night when we are told to leave our lives
throw caution to the wind
compose a new ballad
scream out a new chorus
when will there be the kind of magic that will sweep us away
when the sky show the sun ans the stars at the same time
throwing emotion into Oh so waiting souls

Becasue I?m waiting foreverything to be ok
and everything to be perfect
when the piano plays and every note is correct
bu tif that happens i?ll be withered away becasue from what i can see it fells so close
but it?s so far away
Thats good as man, I liek it
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