I dont wanna hear about how its a bad guitar, i know its not the greatest, im not here to get bashed.

Ok anyways back to the question... from the bridge it looks like the strings feed through the back but if you click the picture of the back, its solid.

EDIT: Also, does anybody know the wood typically used in this guitar? if its decent enough to mod?
Maybe an ash, alder, or maple body

i think the balls on the end of the strings go into the little things on the bridge...look at it carefully and you'll see
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Its a hardtail bridge, it just looks like a vintage tremolo. You probrably put it in hardtail style, meaning you just put it through the back of the bridge.

"The guitar is red with a black pickguard, one volume knob, one humbucker, and a hardtail bridge"

Edit: I am a complete noob so my advice is probrably horribly wrong, maybe you have to screw the bridge out?
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excuse my disagreement, but, if its a hard tail bridge, wont u put the strings thru the holes in the back of the guitar? thats how it is on my ibanez
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Quote by zebrahead234
excuse my disagreement, but, if its a hard tail bridge, wont u put the strings thru the holes in the back of the guitar? thats how it is on my ibanez

Those are called string-thru bridges.

And to answer the original questions:

1) It is indeed a hardtail bridge. The strings do not feed through the back of the guitar, they simply go through the bridge and stick out at the end. (It looks like it goes under only because the screws which hold each individual saddle are placed over the strings.)

2) The body is made of plywood. 100% sure as I've owned one. However, it is advertised as "hardwood". Don't be fooled. All guitars advertised as "hardwood" always mean compressed piles of thing wood a.k.a. plywood. It is not worth modding for several reason. First, because of the plywood material, the sustain will be very poor, even if you change the pickup. The neck wouldn't be the best..but if you're a beginner it might do for a while. Some Bullets come with horrendous frets while some do alright. Third, the tuners don't hold for long.

All in all, if you're looking to mod a strat, I'd recommend just either buying 1) a Fender Standard series so that you get decent material to work with. 2) Buy different parts (body, neck, tuners, etc.) and make a fully custom strat. or 3) Buy a good copy brand (Agile, Samick, Tokai, etc.) and mod it.