ive been playing through a bass amp and just love the cleans i get. so ive been wondering if there is any guitar amp that will give me the similiar tone to a bass amp tone.

im running it through my peavey mark iii bass head and hartke vx215 cab.
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isnt there already a thread like this?


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Thanks for answering all my question ssguitar

Fender Bassman!

It's an amp that does bass, but guitar works really well on it, loads of people have used them, and the old ones are quite cheap used.
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^^ +1

Nailed it right there. Bluesmen have played the Bassman since the dawn of time. SRV for example.
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im using a cheap kustom bass amp for the time being cause my fender amp is outta commision =(, only thing i dont like is the amp doesnt have any drive so i have bring out the distortion pedal which i dont like the tone of
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