I'm looking at getting a new amp and I've seen a few possibilities got a max limit of £200 and I've been looking at either a Behringer, a Laney or and Ashdown. Any advice on what one I should buy? Thanks for any help in advance
i don't know much about bass amps, but i have a behringer guitar amp and ive been pretty impressed with it.
oh no he said behringer! hit the deck!

they're okay amps. good if ur on a budget. if u can get ur hands on laney or ahsdown for that price then go for it. i'd recommend a fender rumble 100 or 60, mostly because u can get them almost anywhere and it hsouldnt be out of ur price range.

laney RB3 65W = £139

Laney RB4 160W = £199

Laney RB5 120W Kickback with horn and limiter = £199

the only 'big' ashdown under £200 is the Five Fifteen as far as i know, the electric blues are around £299ish

under no circumstances get a behringer. well, you could, but the bass community would disown you
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What are you planning to use this for? gigging? you'll need around around £400 to get something worth having, otherwise, the others are valid suggestions.

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I have the behringer gmx 212 and its a great amp. The sucker gets LOUD and it can sound like j/ about anything. It has 99 built in effects 2 channels and it has 9 diffrent settings for the amp, mode and speakers. One of the combo u can have on the settings is for example. Amp on british, mode on high gain, and speaker on uk (AKA the tone of a marshall,) It can go from anything like a krank to a marshall to a fender classic tweed amp. Get this and u wont be dissapointed because u can pretty much do anything w/ it.
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under no circumstances get a behringer. well, you could, but the bass community would disown you

i hav a behringer bx1200. does that make me any less a bass player?