This was recorded with the bass players digital camera so the sound quality isnt to good and its on youtube.com so the sound might not be 100% in sync with the video. you get the picture though.

This is our version of what i got by sublime. Its more of a jam that we play with a bunch of improv in it and usually the bass player freestyles but we were both sober and not really into it since it was at a high school grad party haha. Usually when we play this song it goes 6+ minutes. Im on guitar, devon is on bass, and we were playing with my dad on drums since we cant really find a good drummer right now. the name of our band is The Devon and Evan Show.

let me know what you think. comments, suggestions, things to improve on?


Hmm I like it but I think the drums are a little to loud because that's all I really hear for the most part

good job though and the vocals are really really good
thanks for the comment. I think the drums being to loud was mostly just through that recording and the youtube.com compression. it was only a digital camera mic... narrow frequency response. everything was miced (3 in the drums) for the show so the levels were pretty good.
i liked it, the only thing i could say was that the chorus for the guitar was off. probably hasnt been playing long? wasnt bad though. have him practice with the song. youll get it.
yeah thats me on guitar. we dont really play it like the original recording i just kind of improvise the whole second half of the song on guitar when it starts getting into the samples and stuff on the original recording. i know im not stressing the right notes on the first half of the chorus solo though, but i dont know if ill ever get it to sound right on a electric, ill have to work on it. me and the bass player have been playing for a year and a half, how could you tell.
I thought it was good! My band also plays this song so Im very familiar with it. I like you how you changed up the guitar a little bit, but it dd seem to throw the timing off a bit. but everyone stayed with it and ended up right back on. a testiment to you guys playing together as a band. Good job

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