I'm thinking about this song for my next EP, but I'm not sure. Its an acoustic song, very slow, and I'm messing around with it in A major and Eb Major.

Freezing Inside - Ben Cafeo

I confuse you
I know I do
I know I love you
But is that good enough
To feel your heart
And you feel mine
They beat so violently
And even if you?re not around
You are intoxicating to my thoughts
You blur my vision
And slur my speech
Love is my drug
My best friend
And my greatest foe
You cure my pain
But bring me sorrow

I?ve thought of you
Every night
Ran through the rain
Just to ease my pain
But I?m so tired
Of not being good enough
I?ve been lied to too many times
And now I?m freezing inside

So cold
So cold
So cold
So cold
You make me so cold
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