i jus finished this...i think its alittle iffy..not totally sure though...critz would be greatly appreciated...be mean if needed..but give me constructive crit as well...but when it comes down to it...any critz would help haha..thanks


Through these never ending nights
It seems so unreal whats happening
Take a look back on the past 39 days
And you'll feel what i feel everytime i see that smile
Staring at the stars as we share one heartbeat
The midnight sky never seemed so bright as it did that night
Asking to borrow whats rightfully mine
Fingers entwined like lovers in the sunset defined by light
Framed pictures of our perfect beginning
Hit the play button on our story, its only begun baby
No writer could script true love,ive been told
So let my love flow from this pen and express how i feel for you
Like the stars belong to the midnight sky, i belong to you
As drops of heaven fall on your face we embrace the moment
Enbeded in forever memories of you and i kissing in the moon lit sky
Copywritten am I to you,whats mine is yours for the taking
So baby, please don't break it take it willingly with no regrets
Look at the future, forget your past
This is reality and i'm so deep in you, im sinking fast
No need to save me, i'm too far gone in you now
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