does anybody know what those pedals are
the ones that the guitarists use when they turn a little dial and it makes those crazy high noises that like cut in and out and sound really cool.

ive seen the the fall of troy and bloc party use them alot.
and i kinda want one.
but i have no clue what they are ive never seen them in the store.

: /
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some create distortion some create wah-wah, phazsr etc.
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wah maybe?
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wa-wa, or envelope filter.

i really suggest getting an RP80, it really helps you get acustomed to the different effects, for a pretty low price. (if you play guitar that is)

Pricing and all other info can be found here

first effect thing i got, and its pretty cool and helped me alot.
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Sounds like either a phaser or a moogerfooger.
A moogerfooger is like a phaser sort of, just a hundered times more versatile, and therefor 200 times more complicated. As well as about 5 times as much as a boss phaser.
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i cant explain it well.
i know what wah and phaser are and they aren't those.

they arent playing the guitar when they use them.
theyre just kind of holding a note out and reaching with their hand and making it go crazy.
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Whammy bar??

EDIT: Is it that thing Jimmy Page used, on the video for Yallah?

EDIT EDIT: Or maybe what Tom Morello used, on the solo in Killing In The Name Of?
It's not any of those. I've seen them used. They make high pitched squealing noises by turning the knobs of the pedal and stuff. I will see if I can find a video.

Edit: It is an envelope filter. I've never heard them used like this though. Here's a link to the one the guy from Fall Of Troy uses: http://line6.com/products/detail/33/ .
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is it a theremin? like what jimmy page used. i think it creates a high pitch sound when u move your hand near it
i'd say it's a whammy bar. but i don't know why it would go high pitch.
if it's pedals on the guitar, i guess they just turned it up all the way to get that feedback like a mic and it squeels all high pitchy.