Hey guys I'm looking for a new bass amp and i cant really come up with a good one too buy so i was wondering if u could recommend me one. I'm working with 500-600 dollars.

Well it would be easier if you knew what you were using it for...giging, just jamming around? You could try out a Fender Bassman 150 combo amp.
If you need something smaller for not very big venues a Peavey TNT 115 would be good, or If you going for something bigger there's and Ashdown that's 300w and 4x10's I can't remmeber the name of it though.... Or if you want to get an amp and a cab, Behringer Bx4500 and just anyother 2x15 would work, you really need to be more specific.
Yeah, you should give a bit more info...Are you playing with a band or any other musicians?...Do they have large amps/stacks?...Will you be gigging and if so, what type of venues?

For that money you could get a pretty good amp but I dont know what you're using it for so I cant really recommend anything in particular...
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Well I'm playing in a band and i would be playing gigs with it. My guitarist plays Marshall JCM 2000 through a 1960 lead.
we would also be playing both small and semi large venues i guess. small clubs and i think our next venue is an opera house.