Well not much to say about this one. It is probably in the same genre as War Is Calling. A mixture of Acoustic and distorted with a little piano in the intro. Anyways I hope you like it. Comment on it so I know what I can make better. Thanks.
With Wings Ablaze.zip
You're obviously very skilled at classical composition. Also, there were alot of cool picking parts on the acoustic. My only criticism really is that when the tempo accelerated, i thought it might sound more intense if it was more gradual.
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Well, too me it seems sort of a step down from War is Calling, which in my opinion was just stunning, and I think that you will have a damned hard time topping that.

However, onto With Wings Ablaze. Good. As I said, I think a step down from War is Calling, but still good nonetheless. I liked the mixture of acoustic and electric, I like the way you make the bends from midi actually sound good, which is hard.

So a good song, but I don't think it is as epic as War is Calling. Sorry
that old chord progression, it get's repetative as you probably knew i'd say. 25 was rad. i'd recommend using more syncopation. i'm glad it got more rhythmic. you like to repeat thinkgs a lot. maybe use a 1st and 2nd ending. it's nice that you have a lot of different ideas before coming back to something. in that sense, you may even want to be more repetative, that is, come back to more ideas to it's not just a lot jumping around with new parts, but don't overuse the classic progression. you could also build things a bit more before using the contrast between heavy and soft. it's still somewhat effective in the way that you've used it.

btw, i finished 'walking awkwardly': https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=366773. see what you think.
i like it alot but i shall make a suggestion, at the end take off the repeat and still have the last acoustic riff done twice just the second time have a rit. down to 40 bpm and do a arpeggio up on the last chord, to me it sounds much better.
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I was gonna say i didn't like it until I heard bar 25. There's not alot of people who make tabs like these and I can just enjoy listening the whole way through.
damn man, that was cool, like the whole thing was just pretty cool, good job, i have a couple other songs on this forum, but i dont really know how to post them as a link on my replies, there called ummm, short acoustic piece, and castlevania wannabe, lol, check them out if you want, but awesome song once again!