iv always wondered how a bass player can jump into a song and play with the guitar, iv always wondered how and i wanted some tips on how to do it. like start playing with the drums or somthing. to make it sound cool. if i could get some tips on that it would be nice. thanks!!

You just have to "feel" it.

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Practice improvising abit? i dont know any scales or anything like that at all, but i'm pretty good at it. Like Beleuchtung said, you have to feel it and go with the flow, dont pause to think whatever you do. Having good finger control helps too (so you dont slip up and so you hit the right notes) , so practice alot.
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My favorite way is just a classy slide all the way down the E string, jumping right into the riff. You could also walk down a scale (Start on the high note, end low).
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you really just have to feel the music. its hard to explain, and harder to do. usually you just let yourself go and your fingers do the music rather than your mind. sometimes sounds a bit...random
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It's really hard, but once you figure it out, it's definitely one of the coolest feelings you'll ever have. I usually watch my guitarist as close as i can, and sometimes let him go through the progression at least once, and then kick in with a slide or something so i find the right fret.