I'm not going to even try to spell 'literate' here I'm just going to say, wrong forum, read FAQs, read rules, delete this thread, then do whatever the hell you want besides reposting here.
it wasnt really creepy..
more annoying really. :/

btw, what are you using to record your other stuff with..
the distortion sounds pretty f-cked up unless you're using a flanger
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what do the frets actually do apart from seperating one note from another?
1 synth, Please don't respond unless you have something to constructive to add. Your post was useless. Please delete it.
It could be much more creepy.. you don't get an evil ambience from it really. Maybe add some tearing sound, like the file is messing up (not screaching though like an evil kazaa file, just pitch warp kind of thing for a short area) Maybe throw the words in reverse (unless it already is lol, can't tell)

Oh, and I was the 1000th person to play Undefeated Chaos, if I could suggest (Take it or leave it, not everyone gives good advise any no body can know what you wanted it to sound like) but change the rhythm guitar's sound effect at :25 in that song, it definitly seems like it should be heavier (dont go too crazy on that idea and drop to B flat, just give it a little more crunch, it seems so fruity as it currently is in that part)...

But actually as I listen it doesn't sound that bad later on.. maybe change it back (:40 seems like a good spot), but that transition at :25 doesn't seem to fit, besides it will give the song some dynamics.

Undefeated Chaos is my favorite of the pieces on there.. I really am not a listener of black metal so I can't say I understand the points of the genre, but its the best to actually feeling like a complete song (lacking lyrics still)
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chazzy, please only post if you know what you are talking about and have done what I said in my first post. this is the goddamn LYRICS SECTION of the foums, If you would like to post original LYRICS in a thread in this section with solely the song's name for the title (ie. no 'please crit' and no exstraeneous symbols) be my ****ing guest. However, as you are posting an ORIGINAL RECORDING inside this LYRICS ONLY SECTION of the forums, I took it upon myself to attempt to save you the trouble of the mods closing this thread based on it BREAKING S&L RULES (the rules I asked you to go read). You see, I was solely helping you out here, trying to stop you so you would read the rules before posting in this forum and simply telling you to move this thread to the correct location which I will edit into right here: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/forumdisplay.php?f=51

Now allow me to repeat myself:
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wrong forum, read FAQs, read rules, please delete this thread and repost it in the correct section of UG

Sorry I was rather harsh but I've had a ****ty day and I'm fed up with people posting threads that dont belong in S&L in this section of the forum.
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Horazonblade, thanks for the insight. I wasn't really going for too creepy, just something to compliment my page when fans enter. I like to set the mood if you will. I like your ideas tho... I'll try and upgrade it tomorrow.

As for "Undefeated" that was a first time jam session, since then we did alot of improvements. The other guitarist through away his $20 Korg pedal and bought a Hueghs and Kettler (sp) amp and changed to 11 gauge strings.

Mods delete this thread if it's wrong. My first time posting in here and I don't see what the problem is with having a recorded version, but if its wrong and it bothers everyone, please delete.
You also asked #1 Synth to delete his post as he gave you "useless" information which in reallity isn't Useless as he is telling you to move this thread to the correct forum so that you don't get a warning/banning. Also please explain to me how the hell calling someone a wanker is being remotely reacial in any way shape or form since when was there such a race as wankers?
horazonblade, I added some screaming, picking noises, and more booms... it's cool. Thanks bro!
please bear in mind guys, i can see deleted posts

some of you may want to check your email inboxes
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