Hello i haven't recorded in quite some time i threw this together its a song i wrote a couple of week ago so there is still room for improvement, but im pretty happy with it so far its called Lullaby, please listen and crit and i will return the favor, also please note that i don't intend for the intro to be this long, should be half the length but for no please listen vocals start around 20 something second mark, please hang in there



http://justinmcguinn.dmusic.com/ Go to the bottom of the page, and you'll find it
Hmm I like the guitar tone a lot. Ur vocals are pretty good. Very suited for this type of song. Sometimes it feels as if ur trying to catch up to the guitar or vice versa. Cant put my finger on it. I really liked this cover dude. I enjoyed this song. Very commercial.

EDIT: could u crit mine? http://ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=382085
...i hate shakus-spear ....
Blaze you are pretty good, what it was is that ive always hated multitracking verses playing and singing at the same time so i think that is what you are detecting, im trying to force myself to do that because i know that is what is most practical, thanks for the comment and by the way the song is not a cover its an original,

Thanks for critting mine. You have a really good voice and it fits the music well. I agree that the rhythm seems a little off in some places, but its not a big deal. The harmonica is a nice touch to it. Overall, I really liked it.