Ive been stalking this forum for a little but just tonight decided to get an account . So Im pretty sure this is the right forum for this question. I need to get my chops up and all i have to practice on is an acoustic. I can get my electric back in a week or so(grounded)
Acoustic is steel string not Nylon so it will probably help my callouses or however you spell it. So know that ya got my background ill tell you what i needed :-D. Well what i need is if you guys can give me some finger exercises to help with my speed. stretch, Strength, and dexterity and whatever else ya can give me. I use alternate picking so keep that in mind . I know the chromatic exercises so plz dont give me them . I dont have power tab(just cant get it, it wont go on my computer or something) ive got guitar pro for about ten days. . Well, as i was saying, I also want to improve my alternate picking speed. And im curious to what size strings I should get for my electric when i get new strings. Which will happen probably when i get my guitar back(the strings have been on for like 3 months :p) I was using tens before but not sure if i should keep em or go up or down a gauge. sorry for long post and possible errors thanks in advance and hope to be hearing from ya soon.
Ive been stalking for awhile and found a link to that before lol. But what im more going for is exercises to use it for, not an approach to the exercises.
Just google some you should be able to find some. Or get speed mechanics for lead guitar that should help you with all the exercises you need.
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