Fishman anything pretty much.

It serves its purpose, but you'll find it doesnt sound like your acoustic anymore.
Its ALMOST an electric sound.
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My Dean Markley Pro Mag has been good to me. It doesn't sound asgood as when its purely acoustic when plugged it, but it makes it a lot easier to rock on stage without worrying about a mic. But, if I were to do it again, and I'm sure jimtaka will say something about it...lol, I would get a under-the-saddle pickup mounted with a strap button jack. Its a little more expensive, but the sound and how clean the set up is makes all the difference.

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i actually have two of those dean markley soundhole pickups. one is the promag and one is the promag plus. the only difference i've been able to notice is that one of them is black and the other one is wood grain. anyway, i actually really like this pickup for the price. if you're looking for a good solid soundhole pickup without having to spend some serious cash, i'd say this is the way to go. it doesn't produce a really clean "acousticy" tone, but it doesn't sound too bad. it's extremely easy to use. taking it in and out is a snap and you won't run into many feedback issues witht his pickup either. if you're wanting to get something better that will stay more true to the acoustic tone, look at the LR Baggs M1. these are three times more expensive, but they sound pretty nice.